Summer Must Haves

Finally June is already here and you know what it means,
SUMMER…… oh yeah it is finally warm and sunny outside.
So I thought it would be a cool idea to do a blog post about
summer essentials which everyone should have and carry around with them. So here are my summer essentials, I have 3
categories makeup, skincare and fashion. I’ll show you every single item
that I find very important during summer.
Let’s move on to makeup

Good BB cream comes in handy as almost every BB cream has
SPF in it. So you don’t have to use extra sun cream. You could have burn
yourself if you don’t use SPF. I normally try to go less during the summer
months, because you know it’s sweating and tend to produce more oils. It is light weight, gives you good amount of coverage and most
importantly won’t melt when you are in the sun. find it here

Next is waterproof mascara. Personally I don’t like
waterproof mascara but you know it is sunny outside and you don’t want to look
like panda after sometime. It won’t smudge out in the sun ideal for swimming
and sunny environment.find it here

Then of course a bronzer. It gives you a natural healthy golden
glowy look. My favorite one is sunny bronzer from the drugstore.find it here

Last but not least oil absorbing sheet. Throughout the
summer your face is going to get oily and sweaty. Specially if you have oily
skin. You don’t have to pack on powder if you have these sheets. All you have
to do is take a sheet and gets all that dirty and oil off and it save you from
lot of embarrassment.find it here
Moving on to fashion favorites Skater skirts are really on trend
right now. They are perfect as they are light weight and flowy. It can be worn
multiple ways.find it here
Next are the muscle tee and you can find them almost
everywhere. There are light weight and so comfy and so cute and perfect for
summer.find it here
Another thing I really really love for the summer is high-waisted
shorts. They are also great to pair with cropped top, a tank or simple t shirt.find it here
Protect your eyes. I always like to wear sunglasses during
summer because you don’t want to burn your eyeballs. Most of the times I don’t
take expensive pairs as I always tend to lose them or break them. but i love these pair from ray-ban. find it here
Lets jump in to skincare, you should have a sunscreen for your
body. It moisturizes and protect and it is just great and I love it. It is very
fast and easy to apply just spray and rub on and you are good to go. find it here
Finally you should have some kind of lip protection. Carmex…it moisturizes your lips and most importantly
it gives good protection against sun. find it here

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2 comments on “Summer Must Haves”

  1. First off, I loved the post! I was wondering if you've personally tried the Maybelline BB cream? I tried the cover girl one, and I'm not really a big fan, so I'm looking to see if any of the other drugstore brands have any good ones.
    Secondly, I wanted to say thanks for the like on my Sugar Nails on Instagram. If you're interested, you can check out the tutorial on my blog or take a look at any of my other posts!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and sorry for the late reply 🙂
      Currently I’m using maybelline bb cream and it has a medium coverage. It didn’t last for a long time and doesn’t cover your dark circles. It is more like tinted moisturizer but it gives nice dewy finish. I like it because it evens out my skin tone and gives nice dewy finish and also lightweight. It does not heavy on my face. If you have really oily face I’m not sure how it will work. But since I have combination skin this works fine with powder. Major downfall I see is the lasting power. Other than that great drugstore bb cream.
      I love sugar nail image you have posted on instagram. And yeah I will check out your tutorial for sure.

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