Hair Care Tips

hair? Frizzy hair? Hair loss? Everyone has their own hair problem. For me it is dry hair and hair breakage. So I searched the web how do I take
care of my hair.I got
some cool tips and tricks. So
I thought of sharing them with you guys, hope this will help some of you who
struggles with their hair problems.


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  • Don’t wash and shampoo your hair
    every day. It will dry out your hair by taking natural oils from hair. Instead
    wash your hair no more than 3-4 times a week. Use dry shampoo instead if you
    have oily hair.
  • Condition your hair after you
    shampoo. It will smooth the cuticle and locks in the moisture.
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  • After conditioning rinse your
    hair with cold water. I know it’s a difficult thing especially in upcoming
    months. What I do is I stand as far as possible to shower and rinse only my
    hair. In that case you can seal your cuticle and it gives nice shine to your
  • Use deep conditioner once a week.
    Leave it as long as possible you can. 
  • Once you are out of the shower
    don’t rub it with a towel, instead gently pat your hair dry. If you rub it with
    towel it will make your hair dull and frizzy.
  • Try to use sulfate and parabens
    free shampoo and conditioner. Both of them are not healthy for you neither your
    hair. Those chemicals can strip natural oils from your hair.
  • Use softer flexible brush to comb
    your hair. It will reduce damaging hair. Also avoid comb your hair when it
    is wet. Wet hair is in its weakest and vulnerable stage causing breakage and
    damages your hair. Always comb your hair upward. From tips to root. It will get
    rid of knots.
  • Try to skip blow dry your hair
    often. Try to air dry hair as much as possible as heat can damage your hair.
    Avoid highest heat setting on your dryer especially if you are styling again
    with flat iron. Hold the dryer 6-8 inches away from your hair.
  • Always, always use a heat
    protection. Most of the time you use hair dryer followed by flat iron or
    curling iron. You use high temperature on those heat tools and it will
    seriously damage your hair.
  • Ponytails and braids are more
    popular hair styles but don’t go over tight, they can break off your hair.
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  • Frequently trim your hair.  For about 3-4 months get trimmed your hair.
    It will remove all the split ends and helps to grow your hair.
  • Sun can not only damage to your
    skin, it damage your hair too. If you apply sunscreen for skin why not for
    hair? Use hair spray with UV protection.
  • Eat clean. Bad eating habits will
    make your hair breakages and make your hair dull. Clean eating not only helps
    you to get a great hair it will help you to get a great body and skin.
    Specially salmon and nuts.  Protein and
    omega 3 fatty acids will help to build healthy hair and skin. If you are vegan
    at least take your omega 3 supplements.
  • Use natural oils. Apply coconut
    oil/Moroccan oil/almond oil/olive oil in your hair and leave it overnight and
    shampoo the next morning.
  • Try to use satin pillowcases. Cotton
    pillowcases can absorb moisture in your hair. It will cause tangles, which
    rough up the cuticle.
So what am I missing? Do you have
any hair care tips you’d like to share?


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