Hello 2014

I know it is almost
February but I guess it is not too late. And I feel it is a perfect day for set
some goals for my life. I’m not a goal setting person. I never do resolution. I
know it is weird and bad. But for some reason I normally used to do whatever things
that comes across. Not plan anything. And finally I’m realizing “fail to plan
is plan to fail” is true. Time flies so fast, even without giving you a moment
to think about it. So I just take some moment and write down what I want to do in
this year.
Try to work harder on my exercise.
Eat healthy.
Prepare snacks so I don’t want to buy all the junk foods from
the store.
Attend my blog more often.
Learn photography, Photoshop and effects. I sometimes really
wonder what Photoshop can do to a photo.
Learn crochet. Yes I am a crochet lover.
Attend some craft classes and learn some new thing.
Try to be more organized person. Ya it is true, I’m not an
organized neat person. I need to learn organizing.
So those are just a few of my resolutions. Wish you all a
wonderful 2014. Leave a comment below saying what your resolutions are.

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