Fitness Challange

have made my New Year resolutions last post and guess what it is the time for
complete them. So my no1 thing is “Try to work harder on my exercise.” I always
start my exercise and sometime later stop it and start again. I was tired of
starting over and over again.  So this time it is not gonna happen. Today
I went to gym, started my workout journey. I also found out some good videos
which I can do at home. 

not a fitness expert or certified trainer. I just searched in youtube workouts
that fit me and found out some which I feel that suits me. I’m just sharing
them with you guys. There are workouts videos are created by fitness trainers. 

your workouts don’t stay on same workout for months and months. It didn’t give
you any effective workout, your muscles get used to it. So every now and then
change your workout. It’s a challenge for your muscles. Decide what you want to do, plan your workout and carry on.

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