Give Your Phone a New Look

I recently discovered 2 apps that change my phone. I know
many of you already use this app since both were pretty old apps, but may be if
anyone out there still didn’t know about those apps this post is for you. Both have
sooo many cute icons and wall papers. 
You can make your own home page with these cute icons. It doesn’t delete
your old icons but it will create new icon for the app. Anyway I Have Samsung
galaxy S3 phone.
The apps I mentioned was Cocoppa and icoron. You can find
them in play store. First you have to download both and create an account. You don’t
need to have both installed. Each one has their own cute icons.  But I prefer both. Just remember both
are time consuming to use. You should have good patient to use both haha .  
you guys wonder from where i got the above wallpaper, it is not from
above 2 apps. I got it from zedge. It is an app for wallpapers and
ringtones. It also has soo many high quality images. You can find soo many good quality beautiful
wallpapers there. below i shown you some of my favorite wallpapers from zedge.

These are the two apps we are talking about, Cocoppa and icoron.

Once the app is installed create a free account.
Now all you have to do is be patient and browse and browse. In
below I have shown you how to browse in icoron.

In Top tab you can find most populer items. In suggestions tab it shows you catagorized itoms for each app. Lets say if you are looking for an icon for tumbler, using this tab makes work easy.

Once You select an icon above first screen will appear. You have to click “choose this icon” button. Then it will bring you to the second screen. You have to click “place on the home screen” button. Then you are good to go.
below is how to create an icon using Cocoppa. 

Here also Top tab contains most populer icons and wallpapers. but i personaly prefer searching an icon. This app doesnt catagorize icons by app. so its easy if we search what icon we want. in the first image above i have shown you haw to search an icon, and in the second one  the result set. it give you soo many cute images to choose.

Once you select an icon it will bring you to a screen which i have shown in first image. you have to click download button. Then you have to set that icon to whatever app you want. I have shown that in second image above.

 Once you click ok it will appear on home screen. You can select wallpapers the same way. I have shown you images for that below.
So here is my final look


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