My thoughts of Wilton cake decoration course1

It was always a joy to me to see pretty amazing cakes. At
first I didn’t think that I would interested in cake decorating but when I see
some remarkable cakes I thought I should give it a try. I’m not sure that I
actually like cake decoration when first I started the course, but why not give
it a try. So I joined local Michaels for the course1 and it is actually fun.
It is a good
opportunity to learn something new, be crafty, and for mothers and daughters to
find some bonding time together. First course only cost $20 and not much supplements
to buy. I thought to write down my thoughts on course1. So it would be helpful
for someone looking forward to do the course.

In the first day it was basically an introduction for the
course. What products are using, how to make buttercream icing, how to use
couplers, how to fill an icing bag etc. on that day we did some cupcake
designs. It turns out really pretty and it is easy to do. We have to bring some
cupcakes from home. In addition we need butter cream icing and icing coloring.
That’s all you need.
In day 2 we need to bring an undecorated cake. I did a box
cake and it was easy to make. We did how to icing the cake, piping gel patter
transfer and fill in the transfer. We all did the owl pattern, it so cute.
Third day we have to bring some treat with us to decorate,
brownies, cookies or anything. I brought some cookies from the shop. Yes most
of the time I’m lazy about cooking: D. We did some decorations on cookies. We
started learning flowers. Sunflower is my favorite but it didn’t come as it
shows in book. But close enough.
In our final day we did bring an iced cake. I don’t know
what happened but in first time I bake the box cake it break down in the
middle. So I baked another one and the same thing happened to that also. I was exhausted
.I did 2 cakes but it keep on breaking. I did some searching on why my cake is
always kept breaking. May be first time I forgot to oil the pan. But in the
second time I don’t know. I didn’t have much time I needed to ice the cake
also. So when I searched I found that I can use icing to keep 2 parts together.
Oh such a relief and it did work. I put some icing and cake looks perfect.
In the class we learned how to do writing and how to make
roses. I think my roses did come out pretty perfect. But they are hard.
It was such a fun experience and everyone enjoyed it. And of
course all of us signed for the next cake decorating class. It definitely not turns
you in to master cake decorator. But trust me you have lot to learn and it was
so much fun. If you have any question let me know in the comments down below. I’ll
try my best to answer them.

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