Summer must haves

Is it me or everyone feels like summer comes yesterday and
we are already at the end of it? But it still summer. Nice warm weather also
can be very hot and sweaty.  In this post
I thought of sharing my summer must haves with you guys. 
Sunscreen- never ever go out without sunscreen. You can skip
anything but not sunscreen in summer. Sun can damage your skin lot more than
you think; it even can cause skin cancers. So sun protection is a must. At
least go for SPF 30, I personally go for SPF 45 or higher. Higher the SPF betters
the sunscreen.
Lip balm with SPF- Same apply here. Sometimes skin in lips
may get very sensitive and dry. Don’t forget to apply your lip balm more often
when you are in the sun.
Sunglasses-Everyone wants to protect
their eyes from sun right?
After sun lotion- an hour or two in the beach sometimes will
enough to make sun burns, itchy skin. To avoid that it is better to use after
sun lotion.
Moroccan oil light treatment- My hair is easily become
frizzy and dry. So before I go to sun I apply little amount of Moroccan oil in
my hair and it makes life lot easier. You can use any hair oil treatment for
Perfume- Summer can be very hot and sweaty. You need to have
some perfume to freshen you up girl!
Those are my summer must haves. Don’t forget to comment down
below what are your must haves.

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