I started my blog last year. Mostly it was a fun thing for me to do. Even though I don’t post much often (Which is bad) I learned things during past year about blogging. So I thought of sharing them with you.


This is the one I still at behind. Planning is a key to success. At some times, you see I publish blog posts once a month, why that’s because I’m not planned. I really enjoy reading other people’s blog. But sometimes I do not have a plan. When life brings you thousands of work you will forget to post to your blog. If you have a plan it won’t happen.


No one will magically appear and comment on your blog, it will never happen. I mean it may if your blog is really really good at the start, but no one’s blog is perfect at the start. You have to draw attention by yourself. Promote your blog; join blog community, visit, and comment on other people’s blog post.

Making a conversation 

At the end of your blog posts ask your readers something. Ask them for reviews, comments, ask a question. If anyone will respond and comment never ignore them, at least reply thank you. Comment to their reply.

Add good pictures 

You don’t have to be a good photographer or you don’t have to own a DSLR camera to build a better blog. You simply have to improve your photo, at least improve brightness. You can simply edit your images using Picmonkey you don’t have to pay and buy Photoshop.

Share your post

You can share your post on Google+, Pinterest, and many more social media sites.

Learn basic HTML 

There are so many cool gadgets out there you can add to your blog. But you need a bit of coding knowledge to add and customize them to your blog. For example, how to add mouse over pin it button to your blog post images. You can find many resources on the internet. Educate yourself.

Read other blogs, be inspired, be yourself 

Reading other blogs is a time investment. You can see their blog posts, blog design, technologies, etc. You can find your own blog post ideas by going through other blogs. It doesn’t mean you are stealing their blog posts. Be creative, you can come up with a new idea based on a blog post, be you and present your idea. 

In the beginning, I searched everywhere for helpful tips, hints for blogging. You may find my ideas elsewhere. Yes, this is one title out there that has millions of blog posts. But in here there tips which works for me, which I plan to do, which I see someone can use to built their blog.

So what are your hints for me? Any Suggestions??

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