Moroccan oil Review

Hey guys, Happy new year to you all. I still can’t believe it is 2015 already. Time just passed by.  Today for the first blog post for the year I thought of doing a review of a product which I was waiting to get so long and finally got for this Christmas. You know what it is?? Moroccan oil.. YAYY.. I always wanted Moroccan oil as I heard all the good things about it all over the internet. 
moroccan oil review

moroccan oil review

 moroccan oil review
Seriously you guys if you have a dry hair you must try this product. Especially in this dry winter this works wonders to keep my hair smooth without getting all the tangles. I do have dry hair which tends to get tangled easily in winter months. This oil keeps my hair hydrated without being dry and it smells amazing. Seriously best-smelling hair product I ever own. Everytime I use this I ended up sniffing my hair. It’s like I have used a really good hair perfume. Hair perfume??? Ha ha.  
I think there are two types of this oil. Original formula and light formula. I got the original formula. When you first get it into your hand you feel like it’s going to be thick oil. But when you rub it in hair it really feels light weighted.  
It comes with a pump so you can use it easily. It’s on the pricy side. But it worth the money you pay. A tiny bit goes a long way. This definitely is a really good investment you are doing for your hair.  It really improved my hair texture. As I said my hair is dry and tangled easily. After using this product I see my hair get a lot of moisture and it feels silky and soft. I really love this product.
Have you ever use Moroccan oil??Love to hear from you.

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