Winter Skin savers

Hello everyone. It is that time of the year again, yeah it
is winter time.  It is one hell of a
fight we have to do against this cold dry winter to save our skin.  I found some products which help me a lot to
save my skin which I thought of sharing with you. 
Moisturizing is the number one and most important tip of all
which anyone can give to you. And it is true. You have to apply good
moisturizer for your face, your body, your hand, your lips and your hair. It is
the way of surviving this winter. So let’s do this.
For your body- I found this two amazing moisturizers which is
very rich and keeps your skin hydrated all day long. I apply this moisturizer
right after I get a shower. 
For your Face- I apply this two face moisturizers two times
a day. Ponds moisturizer in the morning and firstaid beauty overnight mask at
For your lips – You will find this Vaseline products are a
life savers. It helps to keep hydrated. I apply them in the morning and at
For your hand and foot- Hands tends to get dry very easily
and very often in this winter. I carry this hand cream with me everywhere I go. 
For your Hair- Use this macadamia oil hair mask at least
once a week helps to keep your hair moisturized and smooth all the time. I use
Moroccan oil right after I had a shower and it also helps to keep my hair
smooth and untangled.
So what are your winter care life savers? I like to know
what your favorite products are.

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