Small Home goods haul

Home goods haul
It is snowing all the time in New England for the past few
weekends and almost in every weekend we had blizzard warning 🙁
But last weekend I went to home goods for no reason 🙂 Just to cheer up my mood
and to see what’s new. You know it always has been icy cold boring weekends.
And oh gosh I found three items which I absolutely adore.  
Home goods haul
lavender candle 

Jasmine candle
jasmine candle
I think home goods is a really a good place to find candles.
I love bath and body works candles, but I think I love these two candles even
more.  Both candles I bought have very
light and very calming scents. This lavender scented one has very soothing
light smell; my bathroom has this smell even without lighting the candle. Jasmine
scented candle also has really calming jasmine smell which I love soo much.
cute bowl

I loved this bowl the moment I saw it. It is simple and elegant. And
also it is cheap.  I feel my oatmeal tastes
better with this bowl. hehee

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