Hello April

Hello April
Well Hello April, Hello Spring.. Another month starts.
Sometimes I feel new fresh feeling and sometimes I freaks out. Didn’t it happen
to you? In one hand it’s a new beginning its fresh start, but in the other hand
three months has passed already, where the hell this time go, how the hell did
it happen?? Oki so enough of freaking out, let’s see – it is spring time
already. I’m soo exited even though it’s still cold outside, no flowers bloomed
yet; fingers crossed this month will be a good month. 
For this month I,
Will work out at least four days a week
Will eat healthy on weekdays and try in weekends also (You
have to take baby steps right?)
Will blog more
Will finish the happiness project book
Will make terrarium and hopefully plant some indoor herbs
Will take time to wreck this journal. Only two or three
pages has wrecked so far hehe
What are your April goals?

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