Mini Lush Haul

Mini Lush Haul
There is new lush store opened in the shopping mall. Hmm I
try to ignore that several times, try not to go there but it happened.  You know who can reject lush??? So I went in
and OMG I’m in heaven
I got only few items, actually four items. So here they are
Lush sakura bath bomb
The first thing is my ultimate favorite. They called it
Sakura. This bath bomb has light jasmine scent to it. The smell is really
wonderful. The smell is really soothing and calming and perfect for a bubble
bath after a long stress day. 
lush bath bomb
This second bath bomb has nice smell to it. It’s super cute
and smells sooo good. I know I said it million times, but they all are smells
really really good.
lush bubble bar
As soon as I saw this I fell in love with it. This pink bubble
bar also has very flowery smell to it. Mix of floral and sweet scent to it.
lush lip scrub
 Next is my all time favorite lush bubblegum lip scrub, mmm
Lush Bar soap
The last is free bar soap sample. It smells soo good. I
might purchase this next time. Even though I never bought any bar soaps from
lush before I think I’ll love this one. Will see how this works.

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