Spring Wishlist

Spring is officially here, it is my one of my favorite
seasons. Every season has something to love about, but spring and fall has a
special place in my heart. Especially spring, flowers are blooming, fresh
start. So I have to see what is in my wardrobe and as a typical girl what did I
see? I have nothing to wear. hehee.  So I
have to browse the web for spring fashion and I found millions and millions of
cute things.
Spring Wishlist
Can we just talk about spring bags?

Spring Handbags

1 – Ted baker bow tote bag

I really really love first two bags. Oh my gosh they are sooo
cute sooo fabulous and sooo pricy. Why are you soo cuteee??? I found a cheaper
and cuter option in no3. I like the color and quality seems good. I’m pretty
sure I’m not yet ready to spend $300 on a bag, so better go with option3.
Even though it is officially spring but for us it is still
chilly outside. Better go with a jacket. I found these super cute jackets and I
CANNOT DECIDE!! All of them are super cute.
Spring Wishlist
I especially love pastel colors for spring, I feel pastels has
a special bond with spring, don’t you think? 
What’s in your spring wish list?

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