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If you are new to blogging, you might wonder from where all the other bloggers find their high-quality images. You can find soo many good quality images in Google, and it is the easiest way if you want some specific image. Just type what type of image you want and BOOM you have millions of photos. But is that legal? That’s a good question. The main risk is you might violate copyrights and may be ended up with legal problems instead. Don’t use images you find on Google.

Finding perfect image was one of the things I struggled when I first started blogging. I wish I knew where to find high-quality images back then. A perfect high-quality image is crucial to a blog post as it can add more value to your blog post, more attractive and more pinnable for Pinterest.
Here are some places I find some good quality images.
This is the site I use the most. It has high-quality blogging friendly images.  All are copyright free. They add ten new photos every day.
Another one of my favorite.  Easy to navigate and, high quality and copyrights free images.
Easy to search, high-quality images.  One thing I don’t like there are no thumbnail images. So it’s a time-consuming work if you are just scrolling through images.
I don’t use this site much, but it also has free, high-quality images. Easy to search a specific image.
They send you high-quality gorgeous images once a month.

These are the major image hunting places for me. There are more out there. But knowing too much overwhelms sometimes. You ended up browsing all of the sites for perfect image and may waste your time. What is your favorite place to find free, high-quality images?

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