You can bloom again!!

Hello everyone, how you all doing, for me I’m not in a good mood for few months, I haven’t even thought of getting back into blogging again. But somehow I just thought of letting everything go and do whatever that I supposed to do.

Well, my father was sick, and I’m really worried.  Even though I do everything I can, sometimes things are beyond my control.  Everything around me happens so fast, and I have no control over it.  One thing I learn from this so far is if you let things beyond your control to control you, you’ll never recover. Just let everything go and I think I’m finally ready for that. 

Do what you have to do. Worrying and complaining doesn’t make anything all right but makes everything ten times worse. Grieving doesn’t help you. You have to stand against all odds. You may be alone maybe you have someone, a family that supports you but that doesn’t matter. No one can help you if you are going back again and aging to the same place where it all started.  There are people out there who have bigger problems than yours. But they keep it up. I know today’s post is just a short note but if you are someone who stuck with things beyond your control, just let it go. You are not the only one. Everyone has their own problems. Once you realized that you can bloom once again.

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