On the road- Big Sur day1

Hello lovelies last week I recapped of our vacation in santa cruz and this week is my one of the favorite places, BIG SUR. The Pacific Coast Highway, known as California Route 1, is the ultimate road trip route. If you ever visit pacific cost never ever forget to visit this amazing place. The beauty cannot describe in words. It was really magical place for me. On our way from santa cruz we drive a little further through US 1 and again drive back to our hotel. Main reason we did that way is because we didn’t have full two days to enjoy BIG SUR and hotels in BIG SUR are insanely pricy.
On our first day we visited Point Lobos Nature Reserve and Pfeiffer Beach (actually we reached Point Lobos Nature Reserve  in the afternoon and we only have time to visit this two places)
We hiked through cypress cove , soon after we start hiking we can see the views of headland Cove with Sea Lion Rocks in the distance. We also heard the sea lions barking from their rocks. Half way through our hike we will reached Pinnacle Cove. Before heading back, we took the short trail to left for a view of North Point. On our loop back there is a short trail leading to see another beautiful cove, Cypress Cove.

Then we come back and drive to the parking near china cove. Stairs to go down to china cove was closed for some reason but we can see it from distance. It was pretty much it. You might need more than a day to see all of it. But with our limited time we only visited those two places.

Then our stop was Bixby Bridge. It offers a stunning view of the coast. you may be familiar with this as it is common in most car commercials.There was a great photo spot on the North side of the bridge. We stayed there nearly half an hour. By that time mist covered everything and it was gorgeous.  It was like we were in the middle of clouds.

Our last stop for the day was Pfeiffer Beach. It was hard to spot as there is no sign on the road. We went pass by it and turn around and came back. The location was 0.9m miles after we met  Pfeiffer state park. There was no sign but we guessed the road and went in. after driving for few minutes there was a sign saying Pfeiffer Beach. We drove about 2 miles to the parking and then walked down to the beach. It is really a good place to see sunset.

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