Christmas in NY

Its the most wonderful time of the year. Specially if you are in NY its the most wonderful time of the year. This weekend we went to New York.. It was as crowded as a beehive. New York is always a hectic city, but in christmas in NY it fells like no other place. I like NY in christmas time than any time of the year. There is no other place you want to go in christmas than New York. Every street, every shop, every building, every inch of the city is decorated and full of christmas spirit. There really is christmas magic.

We wander through streets taking millions of photos. Now it is becoming christmas tradition of our own, Last two years we visited NY on 25th, this year 19th but it is just 7 days away. Its just christmas eve. You have no words to describe the beauty, the elegance the city has. Here are few picture for you from NY with love. 

What is your favorite christmassy place?

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