HELLO 2016

I can’t believe it is almost 2016 and today is the last day of 2015. I cannot believe an entire year has passed. I cannot believe how time flies. You know there are millions of things that we all cannot believe. At the end of every year, that’s what most of us say, Including me, every time. Sometimes it is frustrating; Sometimes it is motivating.
We all think ok I’ll do this; I’ll do that next year but what we don’t understand is we cannot achieve everything we planned and that’s ok because we all are humans. It is human nature. But if you achieve none then there is something wrong, and you should analyze why that happened.
So in order to achieve your goals you have to have some kind of strategy. Ok, this is how I’m gonna achieve my goals next year. If you don’t plan that, they are just goals. So here are few thing I’ll try next year.
Break down your goals – Break them down to a small time period and small actions.
You can say I’ll start eating clean, I’ll go to the gym more often, I’ll blog more. But you know it is not specific, and once you turn back, you’ll see no improvement. Instead, plan your workout for January or for three months if you can. Find out healthy recipes, Plan your meals for January. Make your blog editorial. Plan your January posts, Find images for your posts, Or even start writing them down. In that manner you know you achieve your goals, well maybe at least for the month of January. A small time period is what make an entire year in the end.


“If you don’t plan how to achieve your goals they are just goals ” Click to tweet


Sometimes it is human nature we don’t remember all the happy thing that has happened, but we remember all the terrible things that had happened, things we lost, where we fail. At the end of the year that is hella guilt we carrying for the new year.
Write down in a journal every single happy thing that happened in your life. It may be a small thing. It may be a perfect date with your husband, your boyfriend, your best friend or all by yourself. It may be your mother/father’s birthday and you surprised them, write that down. Also, you can collect some small things from that specific day. At the end of the year, you will be amazed by the fact what a great year you had.
Try to be kind to all people you meet. Random act of kindness is all you need. You can also write that down in your happy journal. And once you look back at those memories, that makes you happy even though you didn’t quite achieve what you planned for the year.
So what are you guys planning for this new year? Is there any new approach you are trying to maximize your goals?
Happy new year guys!!

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