What is Social Media Strategy, Why Social Media is this much important? Most of us don’t even know what it is. Everyone keeps saying it is important, but most of us ignore that because we don’t know what it is.
For me it is some set of rules that maximize your Social media platforms, Improve audience, Improve your interactions with your audience.
There are so many Social Media platforms out there; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the most famous. You can not handle all of the social media platforms out there. You cannot cope with them all at once. Start with 2,3 platforms. Figure out what works best for you.
The first rule of thumb before anything is to identify yourself. Take a notepad and write down who you are, what you do, what you plan to do, what your blog is about, What passionates you. A Strong profile is number one thing you need, So before that, you need to identify yourself, Build your profile. Take a new profile picture. Every social media platform has a profile; it is the first thing people see about you. It has the ability to impress people who look your profile. Check out other great peoples profiles for inspirations. Build your profile page.
The second rule of thumb is there is no defined way. Strange! Right. You can’t get a bulleted list and follow them and say now you have a social media strategy. Every person, every blog, every business is different. What works best for others may not work for you. But there are some basic rules. For example, you need a strong profile as I mention above. It is critical for your social media. So follow those basic rules. Figure out what works for YOU. Figure out what social media platforms works for YOU. Don’t get frustrated when so-called social media strategy / social media tips don’t work for you. IT IS OK.


” CONSISTENCY and CONTENT are key to any success !! ”
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For every social media platform, or for any success depend on great content and consistency. Before you share an amazing tweet, go check out that link by yourself.
BE RESPONSIBLE of what you share. If it seems an excellent Pin or Tweet, but make sure it is really a great article before sharing it. Sometimes it is not so great as it seems. There you start losing your audiences’ trust.  If you find some great content give credibility to the author when sharing it on Pinterest or Twitter.
Post at an optimum time. If you find a great article at 2 am, don’t share it at that time. There are few night owls out there at that time and even if there are they may not read your great article.
You can try apps like Buffer, Hootsuite to find the optimal timing for your SM platform, and also you can buffer your post to publish it on next optimal time. So you don’t have to worry Buffer will take care to publish your post at an optimal timing. 9 am instead 2 am in the morning.


” BE RESPONSIBLE of what you share. It can build or destroy your audience !! ”
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Sometimes you may find articles saying optimal times to post on any SM platforms. But they DON’T WORK. It is based on nothing. For optimum timing you have to analyze where are your audience from, When are they most active. So then you can find optimal times to post. The great thing is you don’t have to worry about that anymore. There are some great websites out there to analyze that and present you your optimal timing based on your profile, your audience.
Facebook: Insight
Twitter: Tweriod
Pinterest: Tailwind, BoardBooster
Instagram: Iconosquare
The other important thing is Interactions with your audience. Comments in your post as well as comments you made on other persons posts.  Find out who commented your post, who retweeted your tweet, Who mentioned you in a post, who replied to your tweet. These people take their time, and it helps you in your journey, take a time to appreciate them. Also, don’t forget to retweet others work, reply to others post, start a conversation.
Schedule, Schedule and Schedule. Schedule your posts, tweets, pins as much as possible; it is a life saver. For example 2 tweets a day, three blog posts a week, ten pins a day. Reserve a time slot in your calendar and schedule your posts in advance.In that case, you will never run out of content.
Link everything. Link your other SM accounts to all your social media profiles.
There you go. Those things are basics for any social media strategy you come up with. Is there anything I’m missing?

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