Everyone wants a productive day, productive month, productive business, etc., etc.. But what it actually means? Most people interpret busy with productive. Being busy is not same as being productive. Being busy makes you less productive and Being busy means you have so much stuff to do. If you want to be productive, you want to avoid being busy. Being productive means how much you truly achieve, how much stuff you have finished within expected timeline. We all want to be productive. Productive in all the things we pursue.
Sometimes being busy equals zero productivity for me. I think most of us can relate to that. How many of you struggled to accomplish your to-do list within a particular day. Sometimes at the end of the day, we achieve nothing. Productiveness is zero.
Here are some tips that we can use to be more productive. Achieve more within the day, pursue our goals.


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1. Use a planner/ notebook to list down everything. I have learned the lesson of not using a proper list for a long time. Now I have several notebooks, each dedicated to specific things, and I love it. If you have everything in mind, it is really easy to lose them in a matter of time.
2. Make your to-do lists into priority lists. Achieving your to-do list is not easy enough. But if you can prioritize your work, you can put more time into the most important task. You may not be able to complete your to-do list, but in that way, you may be able to complete most important task. You can find peace with not completing the less important task rather than the most important task.
3. Have some me time. Maybe it is just 15 min a day. You can meditate, dance or walk or just do anything that makes you happy. To bring peace of mind. Sometimes meditation helps you to concentrate your work more and so you can be more productive.
4. Give certain time for certain work. You can allocate one hour for a blog post and try to do it within that one hour. Finish it or not stop your work after one hour and jump into the next task. If you don’t have a certain amount of time to write a blog post, you can write it for forever, right? It may actually take more than one hour, maybe good twenty hours to finish that special post. But be completing your work doest mean you are productive. So allocate some time to a certain work, If it is not enough to allocate some time to the same task in the next day. If it is urgent, then that’s where the prioritize lists come in. You may take as much as the time it needed and complete it because it is in your top line of your prioritize list.
5. Eat healthy, Be healthy. A healthy body means a healthy mind; healthy mind means more productive mind. I don’t say that you have to eat healthy at every meal, or you have to workout every day. Try to eat healthy, try to do a workout, try to run for 30 min or even try to walk for 30 min. It will definitely change everything.
6. Have clean, organized workspace. If you are working in a messy environment, it affects your work. Before you organize your work, you have to organize your surrounding too. Clean, fresh space gives you peace of mind and it is the key to your productivity. I have an entire board on Pinterest for working space inspiration here. 
7. Learn to say no. Sometimes if work seems unrealistic or overwhelms learn to say NO. Don’t take everything; you can’t do everything. It may be a great opportunity, but if it drives you mad, there is no point in going that direction.
8. If everything fails and if you feel overwhelms try to take a nap. That will really help you, rather than stay up and worrying about all the stuff you don’t achieve. Take a nap, have a coffee and start fresh.So these are some of the things I found helpful to be more productive within a day. What are your secrets? Any particular tips that can help us to be productive?

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