Remember we talked about Picmonkey last time. Canva, as well as Picmonkey are some of the useful tools for blogging. You can make excellent images for your blog, Create your blog title image, add text and so much more. I use Canva to create my title image. It was always easy and within no time, you can create a beautiful graphic.
You could find the Picmonkey tutorial here if you missed that one.
When you scroll down the Pinterest can you identify whose post is by just seeing the image? It is because they use the same theme for their title images. It is better if you try to keep a consistent theme on all your title images.
So let’s create a title image shall we?
First, go to www.canva.com and create an account.
The first thing that appears once you logged in is the following create a design page. It does specifically have blog graphic if you want and the size of the graphic is 800px* 1200px. Or it has Pinterest  Graphic size 735 * 1102 px. I use Pinterest graphic size because it is obvious right? Pinterest also one important tool for a blogger. You can have a lot of traffic through Pinterest if you have an eye-catching image on Pinterest. Or of course, you can use custom dimensions.


” Create eye-catching images using CANVA ”
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Canava for Blogger
Canava for Blogger
Then it will direct to the screen below. In layout tab, you can select the layout you want. In Text tab, you can add different kinds of texts. In the background, it has several free backgrounds as well as some paid ones. You can upload your own image at upload tab and use it for your graphic. If you use blog graphic, it comes with several templates. You can change the title with your own and create a graphics too.
Canava for Blogger
If you upload your own image, it will appear in uploads tab.
Canava for Blogger
Once you upload your image. Drag it to the canvas and adjust its size.
Canava for Blogger
You can add a filter to your image and make it fancy too.
Canava for Blogger
Here in Text tab, you can find a lot of free texts to use in your image.
Canava for Blogger
Once you are done editing, Click the download button in the upper right-hand corner and select for web option and you are done.
Canava for Blogger
So what tools you are using to create blog graphics? If you miss my Picmonkey Tutorial post, you can find it here. 

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