Increase your blog traffic and make your readers engage with your blog should be most difficult yet most important task for any blog. In accordance to that, you should have some plan except writing a great blog post. Even if you write a damn good blog post, and you didn’t follow through the following list you certainly losing potential readers. It isn’t about writing anymore. Writing is the easy part, well not to be honest but the things you should do after is also important and time-consuming. If you write a great blog post why not spend a few extra minute to make sure it is at the top of the game. So in here we discuss what you should do before publish a blog post.
I have included the pdf version of checklist for your convenient at the end of the blog post AND YES it is FREE. So hurry up and grab the checklist!!

Add Pinterest worthy Title Image

I would give my honor of most important thing in your blog post to its title image. Before anything else, even before the title itself, title image captures readers eyes. If your traffic comes mainly from Pinterest then you know this is a crucial step. When a person browses through Pinterest, they have no idea about your blog, yet they simply come to your blog because you have freaking good title image that is worth visiting. Once they landed on your blog, then all the other things matter.

Include Good Catchy Title

I would say Title is the second most important thing in your blog post. For example lets say you come across two blog posts. They are:
Ten tips for a better blog post
and the other is
Ten proven ways for a better blog post (you will be amazed how easy it was).
If you have come across with those two posts to which post you go first. To be honest, which blog post you go at all?
For me, it is definitely the second one. But once you click that link and read the blog post it may be entirely misguided and poorly written article, but people will find out that after visiting the website.
In the example above the second title drives crazy traffic than the first one for sure. Write at least three titles and select the best one

Add Good quality Images

At least one pinnable image should be in your post. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a title image, but you SHOULD INCLUDE at least one pinnable image.

Strong First paragraph

First paragraph = First impression.
Try to give your first paragraph the very best you can. If you spent a good amount of time and effort writing your blog post and gives zero effort on the first paragraph, the reader won’t even go through your content.
If your content deserves it’s very best, write a strong first paragraph to hold on your readers.

Check Grammar, Punctuation marks, Spellings

Those are the basics of any writing, read twice, read three times and read again in preview mode. Seriously read them before publishing. In preview mode, you can see the blog post as you are reading the post as a reader. It is critical that you read the article at least once definitely in preview mode.I have installed Grammarly to my chrome, and it will highlight any spelling mistake or grammar rules. It makes sure everything you write is easy to read and mistake free.

Another app I’m using is Hemingway app. It is a proofreading tool for writers. It highlights common errors and makes your writing bold and clear.

Break down your writing into readable sections

Readers will find it hard to read if you write a long blog post. Most of the time people scan the post before reading it. When you have subheadings, reader know what you are offering what the post is all about. If you have long blog post divide it to small, readable subsections, Include subtitles for readers sake.

Link previous related posts

It is all about engaging your readers. If you write a similar article before, link them at the bottom of your blog post. If the reader finds your post interesting the chances of them checking your other blog posts are very high. And readers may find it helpful if you link the previous relevant articles.


Click to tweet

Include a call to action

You can ask readers some question regarding your post or you can ask them to share their experience. Like I said before it is all about makes them engage with your post. By including that, you will encourage the readers to leave a comment, which is awesome.

Give credits

You might take some information for your post from another site; you may take your image from another site, give them credits where appropriate.

Make it easy to share

Did you add social media sharing icons at the beginning, at the end or include floating sharing icons. Did you add pin it button to your images? Did you add click to tweet to your blog post? Readers don’t want to share your post unless it is a really really great post. I know most of us may not be top notch bloggers but if we put a lot of effort to the blog post, the post isn’t it worth sharing? Well, give them one step easier so they may share it.


Those are the things I’m doing before I hit the submit button. You can grab the checklist by clicking the image above. I put all those points to a checklist that you can print out and refer whenever you write a new blog post. You can download it by clicking here friends!
Am I missing anything here guys? If so I’m dying to know them from you. Share them on your comments.

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