You worked hard on your latest blog post, we all trying to do that at the end of the day right? Give the best out there. But have you check spelling and grammar of your blog post? Yes, of course, I know how to write, I’m naturally good at grammar and spelling from high school. So why do I need to worry about that? You ask. You think you don’t make any spelling or grammar mistake, but guess what? It happens. It can happen to any of us. If English is not your first language, then there is at least one grammar or spelling mistake.


For me, English not my mother tongue, I struggle a lot when it comes to spelling and grammar. I always try to write an error-free blog post. Luckily I found Grammarly.

To put it simply, Grammarly is a grammar checker. Once installed, it will proofread your writing for grammar and spelling errors as you type. You even get email updates on how many words, mistakes, and improvements you’ve made each week.

Grammarly is a free app that is going to be one of your best friends! It is going to proof read your blog post as you write it.

The best thing is Grammarly has a Chrome extension that comes in handy on your browser. It is there whenever you need it. You don’t need to log in to the website and copy your whole text in there! You can check grammar mistakes on your WordPress/ Blogger editor, and you can correct your emails while writing it. How easy it is. Once you sign up for a Grammarly account, you can install the Grammarly extension for your browser. Since I do most of my blogging and writing online – the Grammarly extension for Chrome was perfect for me.

You can see below how Grammarly work on WordPress. At the bottom of the blog post editing area, it shows how many errors were there. Once you expand it, you can see the errors and suggestions. Also if you mouse over a wrong word, the right word suggestion box will appear. 

improve your writing with Grammarly

On WordPress, I write my blog post as usual, and since I installed Grammarly, it shows every mistake I have done there.


improve your writing with Grammarly

Once you clicked a particular error word, It shows details about it and ways to correct it.


improve your writing with Grammarly

The bottom line is Grammarly helps you to become a better writer. This app is useful to anyone.  If you are bloggers, freelance writers, entrepreneurs or even if you are a college student who does lots of writing on a daily basis this app is a life saver for you. 

I included it to my list of things you should do before publishing a blog post. You can find it here.


Grammarly pricing

Grammarly has free forever plan which is great. They also have a premium plan which starts from 11.66/month if you pay annually.


Grammarly offers

advanced grammar and spelling checks,

style checks,

Vocabulary enhancement suggestions

plagiarism checker.

Enhance your writing


I’ve been editing all my posts using Grammarly and cannot even believe how many mistakes I’ve made. It is a life saver.

Do you use Grammarly while writing blog posts? Let me know what you think about this app in the comments down below!

Grammarly Writing Support

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