Pinterest, by far the most helpful platform to grow your blog. The first step in order to grow your Pinterest audience by giving your Pinterest profile a cohesive look, so that others can easily identify your work when they see it. As a blogger, you should put an extra effort to create an aesthetic for your Pinterest account which stands out your brand. One way to do this is by updating Pinterest board covers, which this tutorial is all about.

why you should create Pinterest board covers

As a blogger, you should put an extra effort to create a cohesive brand across all of your platforms. That means you use your brand colors, fonts throughout all of your social media platforms. So that when a reader sees your work they will instantly recognize you.

Declutter your Pinterest profile by using board covers. When you don’t have custom Pinterest board covers, your profile can look too messy.Viewers are more likely to stick around and follow you if your profile is organized.

Have you noticed that some of the lengthy board names don’t show on Pinterest? can you imagine having an eye-catching title for your boards and Pinterest doesn’t fully show your board name? readers don’t get a good first impression when they were not able to see what this board is about. But you can design your board cover with full board title so that every visitor can easily see the board name.

If you want a good cohesive branded Pinterest profile, you should create board covers for your Pinterest boards. If you haven’t don that so far, don’t worry friends it’s time to do that.
In this tutorial, we are gonna create board covers using Photoshop.


How to design your custom Pinterest board covers in Photoshop?

Create a new document (size 830 * 830  with 300pixel/inch resolution).

Drag and drop your background image to the Photoshop.

Update pinterest board covers
Using the Rectangle tool, draw a box that is the full size of the 830×830 square. use one of your signature branding colors and place it on top of the image aligning to your canvas.

Update pinterest board covers

Select that rectangle layer and reduce the opacity to your desired level.

Update pinterest board covers


Click on the Rectangle Tool again and draw a rectangle approximately 620×300 in size(of course you can change the size ). A Properties Box will appear and you can select the Fill Color.

Select the horizontal type tool and type the title of your Pinterest board. choose a font and decide on the size and color your text should be.

Update pinterest board covers

update Pinterest board covers

Once you log in go to pins section and click the + sign saying “save pin”. Clicking it will allow you to upload an image – either from your device or from the web. We’ll be uploading the image from our device, and selecting to add it to the board you want to change the cover of.

Once you’ve chosen an image to upload, you’ll notice you have the option to include a Destination URL for the image. For this, I recommend adding your website URL. Then click “Continue.”

Update pinterest board covers


Update pinterest board covers


Update pinterest board covers

Go to boards section. click the edit button at the bottom of your board.

Click the change button infant of cover section. Select your newly uploaded image and click save.

Update pinterest board covers

repeat all steps until every board cover photo is changed. You’ll be happy with the end product, I promise!


Update pinterest board covers


Update pinterest board covers

Have you taken the time to brand your Pinterest board covers? If not, are you going to?

Update pinterest board covers Update pinterest board covers

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