OMG guys, PARIS!! finally, we made it. Finally, we went to Paris. It was on my bucket list for so long. We spent 5 days in Paris and it is not enough. You need at least a week or so to fully explore the wonders of Paris. I have planned the perfect 5 days and guess what, we did nothing according to the plan except for the Eiffel tower tour. of course, we did book it before and so we have to go there on that day, the sad thing is it rained. But thank god the rain cleared by the time we went to the Eiffel tower.


We landed in Paris early morning and headed to the hotel room afterward. Right after we went to the hotel room, we came out for brunch in 13-a baker’s dozen. The food and the café were amazing.


After great brunch, we headed to the Pont des Arts. The famous lock bridge. But there are no locks anymore. but just before Pont des Arts, there is another bridge which is covered with locks.


Then we walked all the way to the Sainte-Chapelle. You must see this place! To me inside of Sainte-Chapelle is more beautiful than Notre Dame cathedral. It really has most spectacular views with unique stained glasses.so rich in colors!

Paris Sainte-Chapelle

Paris Sainte-Chapelle


After that, we went to see the Notre Dame cathedral.  The line looks very intimidating, but don’t be- it will move very, very fast. It was very dark inside and I could hardly see anything.

paris Notre Dame cathedral


inside of Notre Dame cathedral


After that, we decided to went up the bell towers. We stood in line for about one hour total to up to the tower.  The total climb is 387 steps. It seems A LOT, but you didn’t even notice that you have even climbed 387 steps. The views were really nice but you only get to spend about 10 minutes at the top.


And it is the time for street crepes. It was a nice evening for a little walk.

Our hotel was in the heart of Latin Quarter, there are so many restaurants and fast foods around. The perfect way to end the long day was to eat some street foods from the latin quarter.


seine river in the evening




Paris Sainte - Chapelle and Notre Dame Cathedral Paris Sainte - Chapelle and Notre Dame Cathedral

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