It was day four of our trip and it almost comes to the end. It was a beautiful sunny morning. The best part of the day was brunch at Cafe Saint Regis, it was to die for.





After the brunch, we went to the Arc de Triomphe. The traffic around the monument is extremely crazy as it is a very large traffic circle. We didn’t go up to the top but just around it was amazing. A few things to know about this attraction: you need to go underground to get there so don’t try to cross the road but we did because we didn’t know about the tunnel. we saw some people crossing the busy traffic circle and we thought it was the only way to cross, the tunnel was right in front of us and we didn’t notice.


And then we walk through Champs Elysées. Champs-Elysees is full of people & very busy with all the tourists.  Perfect for strolling and window shopping, or having a coffee or world-famous Ladurée macaroons. We stopped at Ladurée Paris for famous macaroons.  Some say line could be an hour-long, but lucky for us we were in line for about 20min.

Ladurée macaroons

Ladurée macaroons


In the evening we visited the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann.  If you are into architecture, luxury or shopping: you won’t be disappointed. the building is beautiful and architecture is just amazing which makes shopping even more fun.  The stained glass domed ceiling is amazing.


It rained in the evening, which makes perfect time for go to a restaurant, have some drink and embraces the rain in Paris.


On our way back we went to the Latin quarter to grab some dinner and saw Notre Dame cathedral glowing in the dark. The view was amazing.




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